Technical advice on Heat Exchangers and cooling heating products

help with corrosion

information on electrolysis and grounding

correct maintenance for your cooling system

Preventing cylinder heat gasket leaks

Technical Advice

Information on Oil Cooler Quality
Not all radiators are created equal (5MB)
Epoxy - User Guide
Coolant Technology

Electrolysis Corrosion
    Important Information for the Radiator Fitter
    Electrolysis & Grounding
Stress Corrosion
Consumer Maintenance Tips
Diesel Truck Cooling
Preventing Cylinder Head Gasket
and Cooling System Failures


Complete Radiators

Radiator Connection Types
  Thread Identification & Measuring
Measuring Oil Coolers

Core Specification

Packed Construction
Fin&Tube Construction
Specials Order Form
     pdf / MS Word
Wet-Box Order Form
  Header Plates
Additional Services
Box Folds / Film Cores

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